We invite you to propose topics and formats for conference sessions. The aim of the conference is to discuss how technology assessment and related activities such as science and technology studies, responsible research and innovation, public engagement, and foresight can contribute to knowledge-based policy-making on science, technology and innovation, to engage policymakers and other stakeholders in this endeavour, and to learn from each other’s perspectives.

The central topic of the 4th European TA Conference will be value-driven technologies, from smart grids to wearables, from autonomous driving to men-machine interactions, from robotics to bio-economy, from food security to ageing and well-being. All such technologies are changing our society today and will continue to do so even more in the near future. However, technologies are driven not only by innovations, but also by values that promote or inhibit these innovations. The more a technology changes and potentially impacts society, the more crucial are ethical debates that accompany it. The debate on nuclear energy, for instance, has not been shaped by technical arguments only and widespread digitalization is not only a matter of technology and business models. Technology is not neutral, it is envisioned, created, adopted, neglected or condemned and thus driven by a vast set of diverse values of diverse actor groups. In this conference, we want to shed light on the values that shape technologies, how they manifest and what socio-technical consequences they entail. At the conference, experts and policy-makers will have opportunity to discuss what role the society plays or could play in the design of new technologies, which new approaches to co-creation are subject of investigation in scientific disciplines, and which policy actions are necessary for governing innovations.

The proposals for sessions should not exceed 500 words and should include the following:

  • A title for the session and description of the topic.
  • A description of the papers the chair is asking for. Two formats are considered: The chair invites speakers directly or the chair asks in an open call for papers.
  • An expected duration of the session
  • Innovative ideas on formats to encourage and promote vivid discussion among researchers, policymakers, stakeholders, and other participants are very welcome.

The session proposals should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 31st January 2019. Applicants will receive notification of acceptance once all proposals have been processed by the scientific committee.